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5 Great Apps To Get You Through The Day

by Jake MacLaren

There are always a few things that can make it that much easier to get through the day. A great sleep, a delicious lunch, and apps that make your life more efficient just to name a few. Since you’ve likely figured out at this point this isn’t going to be a list of five great lunches (maybe another time) here are a few apps that can help get through life that much easier.


1. aCalendar – Android – Free with in-app purchases

Starting off with organizing your life, aCalendar is a great free calendar app that gives you an easy view of your day, week, and month all with a few quick swipes. It’s fast and easy to create events, reminders, and sync it with your Google Calendar. Another bonus is that although it’s a free version ads only appear occasionally on the interface. The paid add-ons will give you colour themes, and business features (like invite attendees, and share as ICS) among others. It is definitely worth a look for both the casual and businessperson alike.

2. Fantastical 2 – iOS - $4.99

For the iPhone users, don’t fret, although this app is a bit on the pricier side it gives you a comprehensive one-stop-calendar that makes organizing a breeze. A sleek interface makes it fast to view daily tasks with just a tap away from viewing more details about any event. It also supports 3D touch, gives you the option to view your Facebook events, and has a handy search function for those with super busy schedules to quickly find details about a particular reminder, or occasion. If you need to organize your life quickly, Fantastical 2 makes that a breeze.


1. Feedly – Android and iOS – Free

Not everyone wants to read through a newspaper to find stories and updates relevant to their interests. Feedly makes this much simpler by not only enabling you to get your news all in one place, but also the ability to access any RSS feed (basically a faster updated webpage for quick access to news). You can also integrate other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pocket, LinkedIn and more, making it easy to share and save articles.

2. Flipboard – Android and iOS – Free

Another great option for news, Flipboard has a signature style of flipping up pages to read more on the news you can about. You can browse by categories of your favourite topics and make custom magazines for personalized reading. Happy reading!


1. Pulsar – Android – Free

With a beautiful material design and an ad free interface, Pulsar can get you grooving to your favourite songs fast. With the ability to browse between genre, album, artist, song, or even music folders you’ve set up on your phone, you can be sure you can quickly access the songs you want to listen to, fast. It’s easy to make playlists, edit your music tags, play on Google Chromecast, and even mix your songs with an adjustable equalizer. It has pretty much everything you could want in a music player app.

2. Marvis Music Player – iPhone – Free with in-app


If you’re not a fan of the Apple music app on iOS, this app will make you forget it ever existed. With both a light a dark UI display option you can browse your music in comfort while you enjoy your favourite songs. You can also quickly add and edit playlists and even shuffle by albums.With the option to filter items based on rules or adjust your music with an equalizer this app does a lot. With an interface tailored to your style, customizable 3D touch actions, and playback speed control this app is a great choice for music lovers of all kinds.


  1. Yummly – Android and iOS – Free

So you’re hungry but don’t know what to eat. That’s okay because Yummly has you covered. The app also has a dietary restrictions filter so you can get a personalized selection of the best Yummly has to offer. You can even get a shopping list of ingredients instantly for recipes you want to try out. The more you use the app the better it takes in your favourite foods into account to give you better suggestions for food you might like to try. Time to get cooking!

2. Kitchen Stories – Android and iOS – Free

Maybe the problem is that you’re struggling to cook. Thankfully there are apps like Kitchen Stories to help you with that. With free step-by-step instructions and high-quality videos you can quickly learn to make food fast. While on the go you can even plan for dinner in a flash with personalized grocery lists to get dinner ready quickly. Anyone can cook, and you can learn quickly with this app.

Time for a break:

  1. Yellow – Android and iOS – Free

Whew! It’s been a long day, or maybe you just need to sit back for a bit and work on something a little less taxing. A quick game based on 50 different puzzles, yellow has you challenging your mind to solve each. What’s the goal? Make the screen yellow. With quick unique puzzles (with hints if you get stuck) you can test your brain on the fly.

2. Hocus – Android and iOS – Free with in-app purchases

Based on the drawings of M.C. Escher (famous for his endless waterfall and infinite labyrinth) each puzzle is a relaxing challenge to get your little red cube to the end. With new twists in each level (sometimes literally) this is a great app to test your brain. If you want more puzzly goodness you can unlock 60 more puzzles for just $0.99, although the 40 free ones can give anyone enough of a challenge to work on for a while.

Do you agree with my list? A particular app I missed? What are some apps that help you get through the day? Let me know in the comments down below. You can also find more tech goodness like this on our Facebook page. Follow us there for tip-top tech news and business updates.

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